Planning to travel in Rome?

Rome is a legendary city that exists for more than 3000 years. During this time it has succeeded in accumulating treasures from almost every epoch of its past, making tourists' heads swirl with its intricate and rich beauty and the massive amount of information that is hard to absorb. If you don't know where to start from or how to make a difference in travelling, is right here to help you and make your journey pleasant, informative and less tiresome. Here you will find everything:

Rather than going the hard way, turn your journey into a fairy-tale that you will remember all your life. Plan your stay in Rome from scratch and start exploring the best of Rome below.

So, why travel in Rome?

Travel In Rome To Enjoy The Legendary Sightseeing

Rome is a city meant to entertain its guests with its incomparable and exquisite decorations. Most often tourists come here to enjoy the ambience of this vibrant, but so so ancient place. What a controversial atmosphere - romantic, artistic, historical, busy and noisy, and so attractive! To have all these impressive ruins all around you and at the same time go shopping, explore museums from different artistic epochs, indulge yourself in the best Italian food and wine, see the friendly locals driving bikes and making gestures while speaking, visiting parks and concerts. All of this all of a sudden can become a place of your existence no matter where you come from - you just only need to buy a ticket! 

The moment you put your foot on the ground of Rome, you know, it is going to be different from any other city. Very soon you will see the legendary and so long-suffering Colosseum, which today is well-taken care of, then you will definitely want to visit the incomprehensible Pantheon. Moving to the south along the Roman streets along Via dei Pastini street, you will go forward till you reach the Trevi Fountain. And from their going just in any direction, you are going to find the Piazza Spagna with its famous Spanish Steps, the Piazza Navona, many big and small fountains and churches on the way.

Travel In Rome To Explore Christian Landmarks

Christianity was born during the times when the province Judea was under the reign of Roman Empire. Gradually not only the new religion about Jesus Christ succeeded to stand out among multiple pagan religions of those times, it finally conquered the Roman world completely and spread the word of God far and wide beyond its furthest borders. The history of Catholicism was complicated and exciting. It left modern Rome with numerous shrines: ancient basilicas (e.g. such as San Clemente), catacombs and the Catholic landmark number one - the Vatican City State, which encompasses the Holy St. Peter’s Basilica, the grandiose St. Peter’s Square and the unimaginable Vatican Museums with the masterpiece of all times - the unprecedented Sistine Chapel. Another emblem of the Vatican City State and Rome altogether is also the old and magnificent Castel Sant’Angelo, which exemplifies the endless transformation of Rome, because it has witnessed the City of Seven Hills since antiquity. 

Travel In Rome To Visit The Best Museums

Some say that Rome itself is a giant museum under the blue sky and that is obviously true. Streets, houses, fountains and monuments here are telling stories and speaking the language of museums while you travel in Rome. It is of no wonder that the Eternal City is also the place of the first museum in the world - the Capitoline Museums. The City of Seven Hills has numerous galleries, museums big and small and also their own central organization, called Musei in Comune that unifies and supports the best museums of Rome. Even if you are not into museums at all, it would be such a waste not to visit at least the magnificent Borghese Gallery, the Capitolini Museums and the unique Doria Pamphilj Gallery. For those of you who enjoy art, stay calm, you will find here everything from very old to maximum contemporary, of that I can assure you.

Travel In Rome To Learn About History

It is a tremendous historical center that has been a magnet for visitors since the beginning of time. The Ancient Romans told legends of people prior to them who were coming to the attractive Roman territories and desired to make it their own land. After the primordial Rome appeared it became stronger and set the famous Ancient Roman Civilization. First Ancient Romans started traveling far and wide, exploring the world, building magnificent roads and conquering the best territories. Among those travelers there were commanders, emperors, wealthy patricians, scientists, and at the end of the antiquity period - apostles. Geography became a proven subject due to the Roman military campaigns, and their amazing and very endurable traffic system allowed travelling to become a reality and - imagine - that happened more than 2000 years ago. 

When Ancient Rome started to expand its borders, gaining strength and influence and working as a magnet for people from both neighboring countries and far-away colonies, it finally turned into the biggest city with a million population. People flowed into this megapolis, making it the greatest tourist attraction (although there was no such a word as “tourist” then), because indeed, with all its aqueducts and roads, golden forums, rich houses of nobility, entertainment venues and thousands of fountains Rome was, and of course still is, a true miracle. 

Travel In Rome To Explore Italy

Find out what you can see just outside the City of Seven Hills, don't miss on any chance to explore more! Beautiful Viterbo is just 100 km from Rome, medieval castles and ancient cities are also in the neighborhood, or you can just go to the sea, or take a train to Florence

First Visit to Rome

Rome can be overwhelming with its countless attractions. But no worries, we have a list of absolutely must-see attractions ready for you - it includes, of course, the famous Colosseum, the enigmatic Pantheon, and the Vatican City. Go and check more recommendations!

Day Trips from Rome

Find out what you can see just outside the City of Seven Hills, don't miss on any chance to explore more! Beautiful Viterbo is just 100 km from Rome, medieval castles and ancient cities are also in the neighborhood, or you can just go to the sea, or take a train to Florence

Best Museums

Since the Capitoline Museums opened doors to the public for the first time in the known history,  Rome has never stopped to surprise art-lovers with wonderful collections. Just please don't forget to visit the Borghese Gallery, the Sistine Chapel, or the Doria Pamphilj Gallery.

Sightseeing and More Attractions

Rome will turn your head round with its amazing building, cozy streets, legendary piazzas, and ancient ruins. Don't know where to start? Then you just go and sit at the famous Spanish Steps and after that - just walk ahead and throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

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