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Rome is a city with a legendary history. It has accumulated treasures from every period of its past and allows tourists witness colossal amount of treasures. To avoid confusion, to know where to start, what to eat, where to go and get an answer to just any question stay with Know how to travel in Rome wisely and explore the Eternal city to the fullest!

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First Visit to Rome

Rome can be overwhelming with its countless attractions. But no worries, we have a list of absolutely must-see attractions ready for you - it includes, of course, the famous Colosseum, the enigmatic Pantheon, and the Vatican City. Go and check more recommendations!

Day Trips from Rome

Find out what you can see just outside the City of Seven Hills, don't miss on any chance to explore more! Beautiful Viterbo is just 100 km from Rome, medieval castles and ancient cities are also in the neighborhood, or you can just go to the sea, or take a train to Florence

Best Museums

Since the Capitoline Museums opened doors to the public for the first time in the known history,  Rome has never stopped to surprise art-lovers with wonderful collections. Just please don't forget to visit the Borghese Gallery, the Sistine Chapel, or the Doria Pamphilj Gallery.

Sightseeing and More Attractions

Rome will turn your head round with its amazing building, cozy streets, legendary piazzas, and ancient ruins. Don't know where to start? Then you just go and sit at the famous Spanish Steps and after that - just walk ahead and throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain


By visiting this Catholic kingdom you will see the smallest country in the world, which is enclaved into Rome, and get in touch with marvelous art of the Vatical Museums and the Sistine Chapel, with Catholic traditions and centuries of history behind it.

Churches and Basilicas

Starting from the Catacombs of the first Christians to the unique small basilicas dated 2nd century (such as San Clemente) to the Four Papal Churches and the St. Peter’s Basilica - the main Christian pilgrimage route in the Eternal City nowadays. 

History of Rome

Rome is steeped in its history, which is still alive in its buildings, streets, its Seven Hills, districts and churches. Learn about the legends of the Rome foundation, the ancient way of life in the city, the rise of the Roman Republic and the fall of the Roman Empire.

Climate, Transport, Useful Tips

Basic information and useful tips for travelers regarding everyday life of Rome - key facts, the transport system, main airports around the city, climate in Rome during all seasons, how to connect to Wi-Fi, and where to buy a SIM card for your mobile phone.

Here is why I created, to be right there for you and give you a hand when you either don't know how to plan your trip, when you try to prioritize, when you decide where to eat and what other options Rome offers. Below and inside of this website you will find just everything you need to know about the City of Seven Hills.

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