Pizza in Rome - Where to go and what's the difference?

Despite the fact that, in reality, the Naples City keeps the homeland status for this tasty food, pizza in Rome is not in the least inferior to the original. What is special about the Roman type is a very thin dough that will appeal to experienced pizza specialists. Its pleasant crunch is the result of using perfect olive oil as one of the ingredients.

Pizza, of course, is extremely popular not only in Italy - you can try it in many places around the world. Considering that pizza is recognized as the national Italian dish, there is no doubt should be a special attitude to the delicacy. The difference is not only in taste, but also in serving.

Pizza in Rome is served in two types. For the preparation of the first one a wood-burning stove is used, the final shape of that pizza is a circle. That type is usually served in pizzerias. The second type looks like a large rectangle, which is then cut into pieces for visitors.

Round pizza is usually ordered one per person, it is not customary for locals to share it with others. In most cases, the dish is served as a whole and can even be rolled up! Round pizza is cooked without adding grated parmesan (and it’s not served separately either). In terms of drinks, the choice is huge but Italians enjoy washing it down with water or wine.

Round pizza in Rome is usually served for dinner and at friends parties. At lunch, local people prefer a takeaway pizza in the form of a rectangle, which was mentioned earlier.

10 Best And Most Famous Pizzerias And Pizza In Rome

There is no pizzeria in Rome open from morning to evening, most of them get opened near the lunch time, or even closer to dinner. The interior in most cases is quite modest, as the main focus for Italians is the enjoyment of a good pizza, and the rest is secondary.

Ivo a Trastevere

A wonderful restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and a high level service. It is very popular, so the table must be booked in advance. The cuisine is gorgeous, a real gourmet feast: a variety of cheeses and smoked meats, trout, potato croquettes, salads and many types of pizza. All kinds of toppings -  from simple to the most expensive, such as Stilton cheese.
Please note: the pizzeria is closed at Easter.

Address: Via di San Francesco a Ripa 158, Trastevere
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The name of the restaurant is translated as “Ghostbusters”. The interior is designed in retro style, the institution itself is distinguished by almost home comfort. The staff is friendly, always help you choose a dish according to your tastes. And there is something to choose from! In addition to pizza, many types of pasta, snacks, first courses and desserts, a lot of hot sauces. The local pizza is baked in the form of ghosts, which looks extremely funny.

Address: Via dei Cappellari 66, near the Spanish Steps


Dishes here are made according to the oldest recipes - it is the feature of this establishment. Crispy flavored pizza, huge portions of various types of pasta and salads from seasonal vegetables are going to blow you away!

Address: Via di Ripetta 14.
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You can enjoy the masterpieces of Neapolitan cuisine in the restaurant Gaudi. Here you can find both traditional pizza (in Rome) like Napoletana or Margherita, and pizzas with exquisite fillings, fruit ones too. Do not overlook the snacks, especially bruschetta. One of its names in the menu is Kilometer Zero (Kilometro Zero), which sounds intriguing and tastes even better!

Address: Via Ruggero Giovannelli 8/12, near Galleria di Borghese

Formula 1

The interior of the pizzeria will delight auto racing fans. There are almost no tourists here, but it is very popular with Romans and usually is full of people. Fast, tasty, affordable, no frills. A great choice if you want to have a snack before a country tour - nearby is the Termini railway station. Prices for pizza: from 5 to 7.5 euros. Open until 0:30 at night, Sunday - day off.

Address: Via degli Equi 13, Termini.


A family Italian pizzeria at its best. It is over a hundred years old, but even now it manages to please both locals and guests of Rome. For all pizzas, Neapolitan thick three-layer dough is used, but you can always ask to make your pizza on thin dough if you like it that way. The size of dishes is not so big, so two meals are often ordered at once for one person. This is a very popular restaurant so you might want to make a reservation in advance: +39 06 4881107.  

Address: Via Genoa 32, in the historic centre of Rome, a few steps from Piazza della Republica, Colosseum and Piazza Venezia.

La Montecarlo

One of the most popular pizzerias in Rome. It is located in a very lively part of the city, not far from Piazza Navona. To have a romantic dinner at  La Montecarlo would not be the best idea though. But it will be definitely appreciated by a company of friends or good colleagues who are not able to sit in silence for a long time. No Wifi, phones are “prohibited”, all that remains here is taking and eating. Super thin Roman pizza here is fabulous with anchovies.

Address: Vicolo Savelli 13, near Piazza Navona  +39 06 686 1877

Panattoni «L’Obitorio»

The real name of the place is Panattoni Ai Marmi, the nickname L’Obitorio (morgue) stuck to the pizzeria because the tables with marble countertops without tablecloths. This morgue is quite unusual, offering guests many types of wonderful Roman pizza and delicious fried rice balls with mozzarella.

Address: Viale di Trastevere, 53/57, Trastevere

Pizzeria da Baffetto

It is famous for amazingly delicious pizza, as well as long lines of people wishing to taste it. If you are looking for the highest level European service then you better don’t go there. ;-) But if your stomach is hungry for perfect-quality tasty food, then you have come to the right place. For 20-25 euros you can eat a big pizza, which is served together with beer. It is difficult to single out one pizza here, but the regulars consider the local Margarita to be the champion.

Address: In Rome, there are two pizzerias Da Baffetto, the first is located near Piazza Navona at Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, the second at Piazza del Teatro Pompeo, 18.


Very unusual pizzeria with pizza cones! The dough is twisted into a cone with the stuffing of your choice, then it is cooked in the oven for several minutes (if you’ve chosen a hot stuffing). You can also taste a sweet or a cold pizza cone. They also offer all kinds of “centrifughe” with vegetables and fruits. Children just squeal with delight here!

Address: Via del Pellegrino, 15. Not far from Ponte Sisto and Campo dei Fiori.

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