Vegetarian Restaurants

Oh, we are touching upon a very revolutionary topic here. Until recent times Italians have had a big dilemma about going ‘green’.

On the one hand, like all gente Italiani Romans adore animals, on the other hand, they do not exist without traditional Italian food – pasta alla carbonara, prosciutto, guanciale - which means meat in it! Food is much more than just something to live on, for Italians their cuisine is the essence of their identity! This didn’t help to pave the way to the vegetarian way of thinking before, but the guests of Rome city taught local business holders to take this issue into account seriously and… ta – dam… Hope, you managed not to panic, because the good news is:

There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Rome today, which are diverse and seducing in the most Italian way! Today every year we have more and more both vegan and vegetarian places to eat, hallelujah! What’s more, Rome has even its Vegan Fast Food chain, called Universo Vegano, which became famous in the world for its biggest vegan sandwich record!

With truly Italian passion Romans started to reveal the world of vegan and vegetarian food, presenting mouthwatering masterpieces both in their old school dishes and creating new ones!

Carnivores, get along and let’s have a look at 5 vegetarian restaurants of Rome.

5 best vegetarian restaurants in Rome in 2019

#5. So What

This is a colorful place with a cheerful interior and a large choice of greatest vegan dishes. Despite its playful looks and vegan essence So What is a very classic place in terms of what you expect from a traditional Italian restaurant. You are daily served with appetizers, first and main courses, side dishes and desserts. The menu is influenced by different gastronomic cultures, especially those of the Middle East. To guarantee the best quality products the menu is seasonal and varies during the year.

It was very sweet to learn that the owners of the restaurant also keep a garden in the countryside of Rome so to produce a part of what is cooked in their kitchen. The prices are affordable, the menu is diverse and healthy, so let’s call this wonderful place “What else is needed for a great dinner?”

Address: Via Ettore Giovenale, 56, Roma

Official website:

#4. Il Geco Biondo trattoria Bio-Veg

This restaurant has been flourishing for more than 10 years. Since 2007 it has evolved from vegetarian to totally vegan. It treasures vegan, km 0, organic philosophy. Quality is everything, this is what the owners of the place believe.

There is no fixed menu here, because the dishes must meet the requirements of km 0 and be made from seasonal products only. No matter what time you visit Il Geco Biondo you are going to have a widest choice of salads, soups, ravioli, gnocchi, deserts, fruit and many more.

The address: Via Gerolamo Cardano, 105, I-00146 Rome

Where to find online:

#3. Ops!

This buffet became vegan in 2013 and since then there have been tons of good reviews about this place. Their credo is Simplicity and Quality! The open hours are from 8 am till 12 pm daily. The only time they are closed is Monday evening (after 15.30). The buffet timetable is a bit sophisticated. Cold meals are served from 12.00 to 15.30 and from 19.00 to 22.30. Hot meals are served from 12.30 to 15.30 and from 19.30 to 22.30.

How things work here: you pile the food on your plate and pay at the cashier. The prize depends on the weight of your plate. All beverages and deserts however are served to the table.

The address: Viale Liegi, 33 - 00198 Roma

The official website :

#2. Le Bistrot

This stylish vegan restaurant opened its doors in 1987. The owners make it clear all the food cooked at their kitchen is as free of cruelty as possible. No fish, no meat or any other animal derivatives such as butter, eggs or milk. Great reviews on tripadvisor, cosy and stylish interior, amazing food. How do they do their magic? Come closer and find it out for yourself!

They are opened every evening, closed on Sunday and on every official holiday.

The address: Via delle Sette Chiese, 160, 00145 Roma - Tel. 06/5128991 - Cell. 338/2686540

The website:

#1. Margutta Vegetarian Food & Art

In a charming street Via Margutta in 1979 Claudio Vannini opens the first vegetarian restaurant in Rome – Il Margutta RistorArte. Claudio becomes obsessed with spreading a new food culture, which is healthy, ecological, tasty and ‘green’! He adds to his restaurant a touch of art, bringing art into the walls of the restaurant and now his visitors can enjoy exceptional food, exhibitions of famous and starting painters, book presentations and theatre events all in one place!

Margutta tries to encompass all the pleasures together, giving us an idea of how amazing an eating place can be!

The address: Via Margutta, 118 - 00187 - Roma
Tel : +39 06. 32650577 Fax : +39 06. 3218457

The official website:

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