Airports in Rome

The official names for the two active airports in Rome are, probably, the longest possible. The first and the most used is Leonardo Da Vinci – Fiumicino (later shortly Fiumicino). The second one is Ciampino – G.B. Pastino or simply Ciampino. Additionally, just in case you are curious, there is a  third one we are going to omit in this article, it’s called Rome Urbe Airport and it is only used as the ground for helicopters and flying club activities.

Fiumicino Airport

This airport is the major point for most of the flights from all around the world. It is, in fact, one of the busiest airports in Rome and even Europe, and although not the closest one to the city, it's quite near to it – about 25 miles away. Here is the Fiumicino Airport official website where you can find arrival and departure timetables and other useful information. 

There is a number of ways to leave the airport and get to Rome comfortably and safely - buses, trains, taxi (but not Uber service, unfortunately). 


As in any other city taxis will be the most expensive means of transport for you. If you decide to take a taxi, then think of an official one, which has a fixed price of 48 euro and provides a receipt at the end of your journey. Such taxis are organized by the airport and look like the ones in the picture – a white car with an obligatory license number on the driver’s door and dark red lights on top. In case you have any problems with the taxi you took, you can demand the license number and call 060606 to report on the problem. Taking unofficial taxis from airports in Rome is not recommended.

As for Uber, though you will find an app working in Rome, Uber works in a very weird way here. Instead of what you would usually expect, you have three types of Uber in Rome - Black, Lux and Van - and all of them cost at least twice more than a usual taxi.  

Read more about taxi in Rome.


Within a 12-minute walk from the main terminal you can find the train station with 3 types of trains going from the same platform.

The first and most popular one is Leonardo da Vinci Express Train, which leaves the platform every 30 minutes, costs 14 euro and is recommended for abundance of space and overall comfortable atmosphere. The final destination for this train will be Termini station in Rome. Working hours are from 6:38am to 11:38pm.

By the way, termini Station is the central train station in Rome, which makes it an important point for travelers. You can take a bus, metro or a regional train from there and get wherever you want.

The second one is an extra-fast train, called Frecciarossa. It leaves Fiumicino at 11:08 and 15:08 daily. It passes and stops at Rome’s Termini station as well, but its final destination is Florence, so be careful with it.

The third kind of train is a regional train (called FL1), which is more simple and much cheaper. It leaves every 15 minutes and can be good if you go to one of the following areas in Rome: Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana or Tiburtina. The price is 8 euro and, please, do remember, it doesn’t stop at Termini station at all!

Important: don’t forget to validate your tickets before getting on a train in a special machine at the entrance. Also, keep the ticket with you till the end of your journey.


A good way (if not the best) to get out of Fiumicino airport on your way to Rome is taking a bus. The bus station is easy to find going with the signs (about 5 minutes walk), buses arrive systematically and cost around 3-6 euro depending on the line and destination. Also, the good thing about busses is that when you reach Rome you will be going around the city and catching a lot of sight-seeing on the way, including the Colosseum. 

Ciampino Airport 

Ciampino is the smallest of the two airports in Rome. It is intended for military purpose and some low-cost airlines. There are slim chances that you are going to land there, but sometimes it happens when you fly with Ryanair and Wizzair. For arrival and departure timetable, see the Ciampino airport official website.

How to get to the downtown of Rome from Ciampino

Taxi must have a fixed-rate of 30 euro. Everything said about Fiumicino taxi applies to Ciampino airport as well. 

There are 3 types of busses at Ciampino for your choice. The best thing about all of them is that they are situated inside of the airport and are very approachable unlike the railway station. That’s especially convenient when you have a lot of luggage. The prices will also make you happy. As compared to a 30 euro taxi, busses will cost you 8 euro maximum. The time on the road is up to 45 minutes depending on the traffic.

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