Best Food in Rome. What to Try and Where to Eat

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. A variety of pizzas and pastas have already found their fans all over the world. But Italian cuisine is far from just pizza and pasta, and gourmets know this very well. 

Going to Italy, or rather to Rome, it might be a good idea to find as much information as possible about what to eat in Rome. It should be noted that even the cuisines of different regions of Italy are not the same - the cuisine of Northern Italy will be different from the cuisine of the South, the food on the mainland will not be the same as on the islands - for example, on Sicily. Therefore, we have prepared a list of Italian and Roman dishes that are definitely worth a try in Rome. Let's see, what's the best food in Rome you don't want to miss.

Appetizers or Antipasti

The selection of appetizers in Rome is huge. Starting from a bruschette (bruschette) - this is fresh toasted bread with olive oil and tomatoes, salad caprese, prosciuto e mozarella (prosciutto, i.e., dried ham with mozzarella), and, of course, prosciuto e melone (prosciutto with melon) and ending with more exotic dishes like fiori di zucca (zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovamia cheese and fried in batter) and carciofo alla romana (fried artichokes).


Pasta is the second most popular Italian dish after pizza. There are countless types of pasta in Rome: carbonara, bolognese, pasta with mushrooms, tomato, pesto, pasta with seafood, etc. It goes on straight to infinity. The classic and most original Roman pasta is Pasta alla Carbonara - with bacon, egg and cream sauce. Another typical Roman pasta is Cacio e Pepe, which means “cheese and pepper” (respectively, this paste contains only three ingredients: pasta, Pecorino Romano cheese, and black pepper). And yes, by the way, pasta for the Italians is the first course (primi piatti).

Second Course or Secondi

Probably the most famous second course in Rome is Saltimbocca alla Romana, which means “jump in your mouth”, but in fact it’s insanely delicious veal baked with Parma ham (prosciutto di parma). When you have tried Saltimbocca alla Romana, you will see that it's definitely worth such a name!

Lamb, rabbit meat, fish and, of course, seafood (frutti di mare) are popular in Rome. Also a traditional Roman dish is a Roman chicken (Pollo alla Romana), baked in white wine with tomatoes and peppers.


Of course, Rome wouldn't be Rome without pizza, it’s probably the most popular dish. Pizza is presented here for every taste and color - fast food in the form of pizza on a thick dough, calzone (Sicilian pizza), and pizza on a thin dough.

Pizza alla Romana, i.e. pizza in Roman style, is a pizza with artichokes. “Artichokes are the noble relatives of the thistle” - this is what the Internet gives us. Artichoke dishes are very popular in Rome. But the taste of this "noble relative"... well, it's definitely is an acquired taste. Just try to make up your personal opinion!

Pizza Margerita is Neapolitan pizza, but in Rome it is incomparable. This is a classic pizza, which consists only of tomato sauce, cheese and a leaf of basil (green, white and red, as the color of the Italian flag). 

It will probably take more than one year to try all the existing types of pizza in Italy, but everyone must taste several types.

Desserts or Dolci

What is the most popular Italian dessert? Of course tiramisu. Classic tiramisu is made with coffee. But only in Rome can you try strawberry, banana or pistachio tiramisu. Yes, not anyhow where, but in a confectionery with more than 50 years of history. Confectionery Pompi has several locations, one of which is next to the Spanish Steps. A special pleasure to sit on the stairs, tasting this incredible dessert.

Well, where without gelato? That is, Italian ice cream. Italian ice cream is rightfully considered the most delicious in the world. And despite the fact that the most delicious Italian ice cream is in Sicily, Roman is also very, very tasty.

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