Christianity in Rome

For Catholics from around the world Rome is primarily the city of pilgrimage.

2000 years ago when the first Christians appeared in the province of Judea under the reign of Roman Empire, the young religion not only managed to stand out among multiple pagan cults, but conquered the Roman world completely spreading the word of God far and wide beyond its furthest borders. This brought the most revolutionary spiritual change in history and after emperor Constantine I became Christian the Eternal City transformed into the city of churches. Luckily, some of the earliest basilicas can be found in Rome even today. 

In fact, Rome today is the sanctuary of Catholic landmarks: from catacombs and unique small pristine basilicas dated 2nd century (e.g. such as San Clemente) to the Four Papal Churches - the main pilgrimage route of the Eternal City nowadays. 

As if it wasn’t enough Rome encompasses the heart of Catholicism and the smallest country in the world - the Vatican City State. Here you can see the St. Peter’s Basilica (the first and the greatest among the four Papal Basilicas), the grandiose St. Peter’s Square and the unimaginable Vatican Museums with the masterpiece of all times - the unprecedented Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. 

The famous papal shelter in the past and the emblem of Rome today that belongs to the Vatican City State is the unique fortress Castel Sant’Angelo. Witnessing the birth of Christianity and the endless transformation of Rome it became the symbol of the Eternal City.

Pilgrims can't miss other prominent constructions that are connected to Christianity. While the Colosseum is the place of death and torture of many early Christians, there are great constructions from pagan times that were saved from ruining because they were consecrated. Thus, the consecration of the famous Pantheon in 609 AD, for instance, made it stay intact through centuries and allows us to witness one of the wonders of Rome. 

The Aventine Hill is another treasure-box for tourists in Rome. Here tourists can enjoy the unity of the soul and God in tiny pristine churches, such as the Basilica of Santa Sabina and the Basilica of Santa Prisca, which belong to the most ancient churches in Rome. However, these churches are not the only gems of this place, so you should absolutely visit the Aventine Hill and learn more about the hidden churches of Rome

One more reason to come to Rome is celebrating Christian holidays. There can’t be anything better than to visit the Eternal City at Christmas and enjoy every aspect of the tradition: the Pope's Midnight Mass on 24 December, the Urbi et orbi message and blessing in St. Peter's Square with the gorgeous Christmas tree 25 December, promenading around the Eternal City and enjoying the nativity scenes on Boxing Day 26 December. 

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