Climate in Rome, Italy

What do you know about the climate in Rome in Italy? Before we head anywhere we all check up the weather in order to be fully equipped and know what to expect from the climatic situation at the place of our destination. Rome is not an exception and although Italy and Rome are blessed with good weather most of the year, it is never redundant to know exactly what to expect upon your arrival. So, what do the seasons feel like in Rome, let's check this up!

Rome has a Mediterranean Climate with hot summers and mild winters. In summer rains are extremely rare, but still can occasionally happen. In winter, you have rainy days, but sunny days are normally prevalent. Standing in between, springs and autumns are the best periods for visiting Rome as the temperatures are more comfortable and also because of a low touristic season, which is ideal for such a museum city as Rome.

In general, the perfect months for visiting Rome are April, May, October and November. The temperature will be warm and sometimes hot, but never scorching and so much more the same not cold. So if you come from cold countries your summer will continue here. 


Oh yeah, summers in the Italian capital are just something! If you come to Rome during this period between June and August you will understand what means this middle day break for Italians and how important it is to have a couple of hours in the shade or in the cooling home atmosphere during the midday.

Average temperature: June – 28. July – 31. August – 32. Rainy days: almost none during the whole season.

Tips. Always stay hydrated and bring your bottle with you. Even though 32 doesn’t sound so terrible the temperatures can be easily 10 degrees higher from time to time. Apart from it, remember that the above-mentioned temperatures are shade temperatures, so imagine what it is like to be in the sun. So, any of the small fountains and taps you meet are your dearest friends! Don’t hesitate to drink twice or three times more from your usual water intake at home. Always drink more water in the summer in Rome!

Bring your hat and a stole. The latter is for a case, when you want to enter a church and you can't do that in your shorts and with open elbows. A stole may save your day!

Read our article about Roman travel tips for summer visitors with one-day example of how you can spend your summertime in the capital of Italy.


Though September is the beginning of a new season, you might not feel it at all in the first month! The temperatures are still high and it’s still as hot as in summer, but you start feeling slight breezes from time to time and get short rains. October gradually starts becoming more and more comfortable and November is feasibly cooler and very comfortable for long walks around the city.

Average temperature during the day: September – 27, October – 23, November – 18.

Rainy days. September has none or short rare rains. October has about 8 rainy days a month statistically. November is very changeable, about 10 rainy days on average, but even though you can expect rains any time, it is mostly sunny.

A tip. If you go to Rome in autumn it will be a good idea to have an umbrella in your bag. Also, don’t forget about a jacket, a hoodie or a jumper for not so hot evenings!


Winter with its temperature around 10 Celsius and mostly sunny weather can feel warm if you are coming from a cold country with minus 20 or something. For those of you coming from countries with a similar climate, it will be a regular rainy but sometimes sunny winter. No matter where you come from, you will need overcoats, water proof boots and umbrellas for rainy days. Rain can happen here and there, but it won’t really discourage you from going out. An umbrella, a comfy warm overcoat and a pair of gloves and you are perfectly equipped!

Average temperature: 12-14 and 3-5 – at night.

Rainy days are quite frequent, but there are still many good sunny days!


Prima Vera, which means spring in Italian, is the favorite season for Romans and for all of the Italians. However, you may not feel it in March on the first day of the month. Marches can be very different and you have to be ready for any kind of weather especially in the first middle of the month! Shortly speaking, March can be the ending of winter with everything you expect from February. The real spring comes to Rome in April. The days start being really warm and nice.

Average temperatures. March – 15 (the weather is very similar to winter months). April – 18 (sometimes 25). May is about 25 on average, but it is becoming hotter with every year and can get as hot as in summer.

Rainy days.  March is full of rains and winds. In April it rains a little, but the rain is warm and nice. In May rains almost don’t happen.

Tips for spring are very similar to those of autumn time. Take your umbrella and some warm clothes with you especially during the first half of the season. 

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