Life Hack: How To Get Discount When Booking Hotel in Rome

Most of us are used to booking hotels via Internet. It's convenient, plus this option is always cheaper than services of a travel agency. But not all of us know that it's possible to get a bigger discount on the price that an Internet broker offers you. Looking for a discount Rome hotel? Well,here is a small life hack on how to get additional discounts when booking hotels via leading reservation systems such as,, and

Because of the fierce competition, hotel reservation websites come up with new options so that you do not go to competitors. One of these options is "Best Price Guarantee". It's become a common practice and not to offer such an option to customers may be considered as bad customer service. So it can be found on literary all major hotel reservation websites. What does it mean actually? For example, see how describes this service:

In fact, they are saying that if you have booked a hotel room through the Agoda website and then show them that you could book the same room on the same dates but at a lower price (which is available for viewing and booking on another website), the company will either give you the same or even better price!

The secret to getting an additional discount is quite simple: make a reservation on the website of a familiar hotel broker, then find the best price and send a request for a discount.

The question arises - how to find a lower price for a hotel? Here, we can use special meta-search engines for online hotel reservation systems, which check and compare hotel prices on websites of all brokers. There are many such hotel comparing services in the Web, for example, and more.

Let's take for example a double room in a Rome hotel for a 4-days stay. I chose Hotel Ponte Sisto in the historic center of Rome, an excellent rating on Tripadvisor and What else is needed? offers a room without breakfast for US $ 438.96 / 4 nights, non-refundable.

Now let's start the hotel search and price comparison on

And here we can see that another brokers have better prices for the same room: Concelon - US $413, Expedia - US $321 for the same deal! You can see the full list of deals and prices by clicking on "More deals..." link.

Now you have two choices: First, you can book the room though another broker directly if you trust it and you haven't made a reservation before, say on Or you can send a message with your "proof" of the lower price to the Customer Care team and save more money on entertainment. Here are their conditions for the best price guarantee:

Enjoy you travel!

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