Interesting Facts About Rome

Rome is the capital of modern Italy, one of the oldest and most spectacular cities in the world. In ancient times, Rome was also the center of one of the world's greatest empires and the cradle of a great civilization. Due to its long and rich history the city of seven hills has become one big museum under the sky. Find out some basic facts about Rome every tourist must know before visiting the Eternal City.

1. Rome Hasn't Always Been the Capital City of Italy 

Rome became the capital city of unified Italy in 1870 inheriting the title from Florence.

2. Rome's Enclave and the Smallest Country in the World

An entire state - the renowned Vatican City - is enclaved within the area of Rome. This state is also the smallest country in the world and you can easily visit it while touring the City of Seven Hills.

3. The Largest Church in the World 

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City is the largest church ever built.

4. The Mystery Behind What the Pantheon Was Really Made From 

Many ancient buildings in Rome survived 2000 years and more. One of them - the Pantheon - has reached modern times without any reconstructions over all those years and is still in use. Surprisingly, nobody knows what was the “recipe” of the concrete of such endurance! The expiring date of the modern materials of the same kind, for instance, is only about 100 years maximum. 

5. Over 10 Million Tourists

 Rome is the third most visited city in Europe. It embraces about 10 million people each year.

6. "Zero Kilometer" Food Concept

Going to a restaurant in Rome be prepared to see a mark “0 km” next to the dishes in your menu. Italians elevate cooking to the next level by taking into account the quality of products and their origin. If the products are marked with 0 km it means they have come from a distance no more than 100 km from the current restaurant and are organic and seasonable. 

7. The Biggest Ferrari Store

Have you ever wanted to buy a Ferrari? Well, Rome has the biggest Ferrari Store in Italy and it is waiting for you. In case you still need time to think you can order a test-drive here and enjoy this gorgeous car on the road.

8. Special Rhythm of Rome

In Rome nothing works as in the rest of the world. If you used your Google app for finding a restaurant, here it won't help you much. If you used Uber in New York, then you’ll see that Rome proudly denies it. You come from a city with a high life rhythm... well, Romans prefer to slow down, because the hustle and bustle of big cities is something to be avoid as much as possible. Welcome to the languid, slow and hedonistic Roman life-style.

9. Italian Daily Break

Be prepared to divide your day into 2 parts – the morning-lunch part and the evening part that goes straight after the 3-hour break starting usually at 1 pm and finishing at 4. In Rome you may feel it less, but outside Rome this rule will be strictly followed by most shops, cafes and restaurants. Italians treasure their slow lifestyle above everything! 

10. City of Fountains

There are over 2000 fountains in Rome and that is more than in any other city of the world. This happened due to the elaborate water system created in 312 BC, which is considered absolutely phenomenal and super-advanced for those times. It is unbelievable, but some of the aqueducts are still in use to provide water to the numerous fountains of Rome.

11. How Much the Trevi Fountain Earns

Thanks to people who make wishes and throw coins into one of the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain gets around 1000 000 euro coins each year. The money has been carefully collected and donated to the local Catholic charity Caritas Rome since 2001.

12. Rome is the City of Living History

Rome is a historical and architectural pie that gives you to observe examples from every epoch it has gone through - from ancient buildings such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon to the pearls of postmodern architecture created by Zaha Hadid. In one city you can meet Classical, Medieval, Baroque, Renaissance and modern styles. No other city can boast with such diversity.

13. Football in Rome

Italians are madly in love with football. AS Roma and SS Lazio are the two Roman football rival teams sharing the same stadium - Stadio Olimpico. 

14. UNESCO Heritage Site List and Rome

Well, although Cordoba is considered to be the city with the most UNESCO Heritage Sites in Europe, let’s not forget that there are big debates about ways of counting UNESCO Heritage in general and in Rome particularly. That means many Roman historical sites are united into one because of their closeness to each other and for that simple reason Rome gets the second place in the UNESCO heritage site list. Yes, it is the Roman feature to have too many historical landmarks to deal with!

15. No Manufacturing Until 18th Century

After the fall of Ancient Rome the City of Seven Hills didn't produce anything and had no manufacturing enterprises whatsoever up to the 18th century. However, throughout its long history Rome has been really good at selling antiques and myths about its past. 

16. Rome's Antique Roads

Unbelievable, but before the 18th century Rome didn't attempt building new roads, it used the roads left from Ancient Rome. Rome still has roads that are more than 2000 years old. 

17. Names of Rome

Surprisingly, there are many cities in the world called the City of Seven Hills. However, Rome was the first one to be named this way. Other names of Rome are also: Caput Mundi and the Eternal City. 

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