Interesting Facts About Food in Rome and Italy

National cuisine is another attraction of Rome and Italy. Refined aromas, spices, herbs, delicious cheeses, and noble wine - all this is an important part of the local gastronomic life. Delicious food in Rome is another good reason to visit this city. Here we are going to share with you some interesting facts about Italian cuisine and food habits that may help you understand and... "smell" Italy and Rome even without traveling there physically.

1. Each region of Italy has its own culinary traditions

For the majority of tourists, Italian cuisine is just a certain set of favorite dishes, but in different regions of Italy one certain dish can be prepared in completely different ways. As a rule, different regions have their own peculiarities of pasta, pizza, lasagna and other national dishes. A true Italian will immediately find differences, which can not be said about foreigners. Taste preferences also vary slightly depending on the region. Tuscans, for example, like meat dishes more than others. And in Lombardy they like polenta and risotto very much.

2. Italian food is more than just food

In Italy, a real cult of food reigns. Italians really love food and know how to cook it properly. They are usually good judges of gourmet food and will always find time for a delicious lunch or dinner with a glass of wine. By the way, Italian cuisine can tell a lot about the country. Culinary life here has incorporated the historical, cultural, social features of the country and fully reflects its appearance.

3. Artichokes - the most Roman dish

Few people know that artichokes are the most Roman dish. In Ancient Rome, artichokes were valued more than all other vegetables. Artichokes began to be cultivated not only because of their excellent taste but also because of their medicinal qualities. And for more than 5 thousand years, artichokes have not gone out of use with Roman cooks. Culinary masterpieces of Roman cuisine from artichokes can serve not only as lunch but also as a perfect object for food photos on Instagram.

4. Pasta was not invented by Italians

This question remains open, but most historians believe that this is so. The method of cooking pasta in the form in which we are accustomed to use it, really has Italian roots. But the very idea of this dish, according to some sources, belongs to the Chinese. The great traveler Marco Polo, describing his travels in China, mentioned an unusual dish of dough, which is very similar to pasta. This reference is dated to 1298.

5. Italians don't get fat

In exceptional cases, this is of course possible. It is impossible to rule out health problems and laziness. However, the majority of Italians are very active, beautiful and spectacular people. This is surprising, because their food looks quite high-calorie and nutritious. In the vast majority of cases, Italians are prepared from wholemeal flour. And it improves digestion and does not harm the figure.

6. Italians love sweet breakfasts

In Italy, they prefer sweet breakfasts, which are usually unpretentious and very tasty. On weekdays, when time is in shortage, Italians manage to have breakfast in 5-10 minutes. Italians choose coffee with a croissant, toast with jam, shortbread cake with fruit or berry filling. Many go out for breakfast to bars nearby. Yes, it’s in the bars. In the morning, all restaurants in Italy are closed.

7. Roman dishes were food for the poor

Many traditional Roman dishes were originally considered to be the food of the poor, such as coda alla vaccinara (oxtail), which today has gained popularity around the world. A special feature of the dish is its sauce with a deep pronounced taste, which includes cocoa, raisins and pine nuts. This addition, apparently, was made by the cooks of more prosperous citizens who, having borrowed the dish from the common people, decided to give it some sophistication.

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