Food Tours - Rome's Feast For Body and Mind

The Italian cuisine that we know well today has evolved over many centuries, social and political changes, and its roots go back to the fourth century BC. Throughout the time, it was influenced by the gastronomic traditions and preferences of civilizations that inhabited the lands of modern Italy: Etruscans, Romans, ancient Greeks, Byzantines, and Arabs.

The main feature of Italian cuisine is its extreme simplicity. Many dishes require very few ingredients to prepare, as Italian chefs rely on quality, not complexity. Everyone's favorite dishes were often created by housewives, who are still the careful keepers of homemade recipes.

We invite you to take part in fascinating culinary and gastronomic food tours, Rome, meet the best chefs sharing their knowledge and revealing secrets of local cuisine, as well as teaching how to choose the right wine for each of the dishes. 

How to Choose the Right Food Tour in Rome?

Given their popularity, numerous food tours, Rome are available for you in the Eternal City. Trying to pick one tour over the other can be cumbersome. In order to help you with the process, let’s segregate the tours. Make up your mind regarding which of these categories suit you and pick any food tour from the lists. Bon Appétit!

Food Tours, Rome: Top Cooking Classes

The most widely chosen among the roman food tours are cooking classes. Adding handy skills to you culinary arsenal while exploring Rome has to have its own charm. In case you prefer a hands on approach to food, there are a few activities you can indulge in. This includes an expansive gelato and tiramisu making tours. You get to recreate these classics under the supervision of an expert. A traditional Roman pizza is said to be a cut above the rest in terms of taste. With a particular food tour of Rome, you will have the opportunity to make the pizza from scratch.

Top Food Tours, Rome

If you are less of a cook and more of a foodie looking to spend your time eating and tasting, Rome has a few rather interesting food tours (Rome) to offer. Some food tours in Rome afford you an experience that will keep reeling you in for a reverie long after you leave. For instance, a tour of the neighborhoods of Trastevere and Campo de’ Fiori will lay bare before you the Roman cuisine in its rawest form.

Food Tours (Rome): Top Roman Wine Itineraries

Although, all food tours in Rome provide you with wine, only a dedicated wine tour will do proper justice to the array of the offerings in Rome. Take a short trip to the countryside and stroll about in the vineyards and groves while tasting local wines.

Tips to Enjoy Food Tours in Rome

  • Reach all pick up and meeting points 15 minutes in advance.
  • If you are planning to pack multiple tours in a day, grab the morning slot of the tours that offer one. Most of the tours begin post noon, and going for the early hours will help you keep your options open.
  • Enquire about the food tours in Rome that include a visit to the farmers’ market only if you opt for the early morning tour.

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