Where To Buy Phone Card in Rome, Italy?

When staying in Rome, you always have a choice - to buy a  local phone card or use free Internet in your hotel. If you buy a phone card, you have the opportunity to use it again, whenever you come to Italy. It will only be necessary to replenish the account upon arrival.  

Free Internet (Wi-Fi) access in Italy is provided by many hotels and restaurants. There are also Internet cafes in Rome, but you will need to have a passport with you when visiting such a cafe. According to local laws (and for security reasons) they have to make a copy of your passport before allowing you to use Internet.

If you need Internet access at any time of the day, then it is best to use the mobile Internet and simply buy a phone card.

Still, Which Phone Card to Buy?

In Rome, a phone card can be purchased at the TIM and VODAFON offices, which can be identified by their logo. There are many offices in the city. They are easy to find on the main Corso Street, for example.

And the easiest way to buy a phone card in Rome is right at the Termini station. The VODAFON office is located on the first floor, and the TIM office is on the second floor of the station.To purchase, you must have a passport, the price of a  card is 25 euros. TIM cards can be used not only in Rome, but throughout Italy. TIM is an Italian internet operator. VODAFON - operates throughout Europe.

In the TIM office at Termini station, there is a machine in which you need to select the operation you require (for example, replenish your account - ricaricare) and take a ticket for the queue, they do not serve without a ticket.

Many shops, pizzerias, cafe bars, restaurants have free Wi-Fi, usually there is such a sign: Wi-Fi.

In Italy, there are two more large mobile operators - WIND and 3 TALIA.

You can look at the terms of providing mobile communications, the Internet and other services provided on the official websites of these operators: WIND and 3 ITALIA.

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