How To Get From Rome To Milan On Your Own

While Rome is the official capital of Italy, Milan is its center of commerce, fashion, football and opera. Apart from those aspects, we also can’t forget about the rich history of the city and the beauty of its landmarks. Not only does it possess great restaurants, top shopping experiences, exciting football life, it has a great cultural ambience. Here in Milan you can go to a football match as well as listen to the best opera of the world in the La Scala Theatre. All in all, it has all the great vibes of a busy city mixed with deep cultural heritage and high-end entertainment in just any field. For these good reasons many of you will go to Milan and that is nothing but a great idea!

How to Get to Milan from Rome

Milan is situated about 500 km away from Rome, which is quite a lot for a one-day-trip. However, that’s nothing for speedy Italian trains that go in abundance from the capital city of Italy to Milan every day. I am sure that there will be people who would like to make it long and slow by taking a car and enjoying this adventure on the road. If you have enough time, that might appear a great idea: thus, you would see more of Italy and the whole spectrum of Italian landscapes. However, in this article let’s think about short-on-time tourists who probably have two or three days at maximum for a such trip and who want to get to Milan as quickly as possible in the shortest period of time. 

So, the secret is revealed: the best time is 3:10 hrs, the longest time takes you approximately 8 hrs, but let’s have a look at all of the options. 

Ticket Cost

I have done some searching right now to provide you with the picture right for February, 2021. So, if you enter TrenItalia website and start the search right now you will see something like that: the most expensive tickets for Frecciarossa trains with 3:30 hrs on the road will cost you 110-125 euro, the 7hr-long trains with an interchange between (ItaloTreno company) cost twice the price of the first option - 61-65 euro. 

Ordering the same tickets one month in advance will make the numbers go different: 22-32 euro and 76-82 euro respectively. As you see prudence and planning ahead saves a lot of money in Italy and is highly recommended for your buds.

Where Do I Take the Trains?

TrenItalia Trains

The Frecciarossa trains, those that are the most expensive, go from Rome Termini railway station. It’s a public traffic center with a metro station and a variety of buses. The interval between each train is 15-20 minutes. The earliest train starts off at 5.10 and the latest at 20.50. Be careful with the destination: some of the trains reach Milano Porta Garibaldi station instead of Milano Centrale, take this into account and check it beforehand.

The cheapest trains by the TrenItalia company start off from Rome Tiburtina station and come to Milano Centrale only. These trains make a lot of stops on their way and can be taken only twice a day - normally at 12.40 and 16.30. 

Night Trains

Good news for those who want to save time and money on hotels! You can use your night to get some proper sleep and also to get to Milan, because there is luckily also a night train at your service. It goes from Rome Tiburtina at 23.55 and reaches Milano Centrale at 6.55 in the morning. A wonderful option for travelers. Not only can you sleep well and save time, the price is also good. This journey will only cost you about 30 euro! 


There is also another company that circulates from Rome Termini to Milano Centrale with 20-minute intervals, working from 5.40 am and ending at 20.40 pm. The journey takes from 3.10 to 3.40 hrs and the ticket cost starts from 45 euro depending on different time factors. 

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