First Time In Rome: Top Rome Tourist Attractions

It’s amazing to find out how many tourists have felt astonished with their Rome experience. People hear about Paris and London far too often, forgetting about the grandfather of all the European cities - Rome. And then when they see it, they find it surprisingly and unpredictably amazing. Most of us are dumbfounded by Rome’s grandeur and diversity and indeed, there are not many cities in the world that can boast having architecture dating back to the 4th century BC, monuments of two thousand years old and at the same time possess fresh young vibes of a modern city. Covering quite a big territory, Rome has many districts each one unique and worthy of your inspection. What’s also great about it is that being a big city, it is nonetheless quite walkable and comfortable to move around. The city reconciles numerous sights in one place and provides a rich and unforgettable palette for your sensations.

The Colosseum

You could have missed some school knowledge and may be most of it and still you will know about the famous Colosseum. Yes, it has been standing there for 2000 years by now. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that today it’s one of the most recognizable buildings of the world. Many wars and rough Medieval Ages didn’t ruin it. In short, you can’t miss this massive and colossal monument from the period of antiquity.

The Pantheon 

Another monument known to stand at the very same spot until today is the Pantheon. This cultural monument is simply unprecedented. No one has ever heard of its reconstruction and that's not a joke for a building to be two thousand years old! Another fact that makes it stand out is its phenomenal dome made of concrete. This dome is known to be the biggest cemented unreinforced one in the whole world. Through centuries this dome was the one to compete with by great architects who wanted to create something similar, but no one could construct anything like that later in history. This landmark is too unique and special to be skipped, but I am sure you won’t miss it!

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum - Forum Romanum in Latin - is considered by many the heart of the city of seven hills. It dates back to IV - I BC and is obviously a magnet that attracts people from all over the world. Although today this place is a square with a bunch of ancient ruins, here like in no other place you can see and feel the atmosphere of Ancient Rome and touch the antiquity. Just think about it: approximately 25 centuries ago it was a busy and crowded center with an intricate social life and today you still have the traces of that antique civilization. While many structures and historical places have died out and turned to dust, Forum Roman still exists. Why visit the Roman Forum? There are not many landmarks in the world that have testimonies from such old periods of time and that can impress you more with its historical value!

The Capitoline Museum

Situated on the Capitoline Hill, this is in fact the first museum in the world, which was created for the sake of itself. “Capitoline” is known to be the mother-word for many English words such as capitol, capital, capitalize etc. It is an important historic place basic for understanding both Roman and European history.

The Vatican City and the Vatican Museums

Whether you are a Catholic or not, the Vatican City and the Holy See are surrounded with mystery and beauty for all of us. This is the smallest country in the world in terms of its territory and population, but it is the richest in terms of its art collections and history. The greatest architects, artists and sculptors worked on creating St. Peter’s Basilica and its famous square made in Baroque style. To see the numerous collections of the best art works in the world, including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is absolutely priceless! As you can see, the Vatican City is one big masterpiece inside out and it is definitely a top-notch attraction of the city of Rome!

The Catacombs

A whole underground world lies under Rome, but not for recreational purposes! The famous Roman Catacombs are considered to be a sacred place since the first Christians hid themselves in them during the period of prosecution and prayed to God. However, you can choose to treat it as an exciting place of mystery and dare to go through its labyrinthes enjoying some spooky moments and seeing the earliest examples of Christian art. A captivating experience that will be very different from anything you have done before!

The Magnificent Rome Fountains

You find fountains of all sizes, shapes and eras everywhere in the city! Once they provided water through the famous aqueducts to the whole Rome - to the rich and to the poor! Isn’t that what we know about ancient Rome today: it found progressive solutions during the times when it seemed impossible for the rest of the world. The joy of water can be felt in any corner of the city of seven hills. Of course, the most fabulous of them are renowned the Four Rivers Fountain, the Trevi Fountain, Fontana della Barcaccia and the Turtle Fountain. Look out for thousand smaller ones that you meet on your way and don’t forget to drink from them!

Castel Sant’Angelo

A place that has been associated with Rome for 18 centuries. It is known for having been numerously rebuilt for different purposes. Castel Sant’Angelo started as a mausoleum for the emperor Adriano, looking classically perfect with its marble lining and antique sculptures surrounding it, but then it has lived through many transformations. Not full list of its metamorphosis goes as follows: a papal residence, a citadel, a prison and now a museum. Don’t forget to visit this site attraction and its famous bridge that leads to the historical center of Rome to the places like the Vatican City, Campo di Fiori, the Spanish Steps and the famous Trevi Fountain. 

Iconic Movies Attractions

Do you like movies? Then you surely won’t mind visiting the scenes from the most iconic La Dolce Vita, Roman Holidays, Angels and Demons. Via Veneto, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Via dei Fori Imperiali, the Colosseum, the Mouth of Truth and many others have been in different classical and modern films. Do you have a favourite movie shot in Rome?

Roman Piazzas

No other piazzas are as famous as some Roman ones. You know about them not only from the cinematography, but also from books and paintings. Some of them are so iconic that no tourist should miss to see this eternal beauty. They are considered to be masterpieces and for a reason. So, which ones are we talking about? At least about Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, famous Piazza di Spagna, Campo di Fiori and St. Peter’s Square. And, please, promise me that for once you will wake up early and see these fantastic places when most of the tourists are still sleeping? That will be awesome!

The Borghese Gallery 

Out of many galleries Villa Borghese Gallery stands out as one having the finest art collection. Until nowadays the gallery has belonged to a very rich and ancient family. Finding out more about this family you will enrich your understanding of history and art and enjoy exciting stories that have been accompanying both the Borghese family and their renowned collection of art. Visiting this unique place can be good not only for art lovers. There is an amazing park all around the Borghese Gallery, beautiful gardens and other museums, for example, National Etruscan Museum in the former papal residence - the Villa Giulia. This place is amazing and for summer visitors has a bonus - lots of shade and proximity to many other Rome sights such as Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps! 

The main question tourists in Rome ask goes as follows: "How can we see everything in 3 days/a week/10 days". Well, the answer is there is no way you can explore all of the city's 2000 years of history within this small period of time. What you can really do is to concentrate on a number of top Rome tourist attractions and enjoy them to the fullest. Then after a while you can definitely return and explore the city anew like it is your first time again. Many people around the world don't stop visiting Rome, because the city is so rich in historical landmarks that you can't see everything visiting it only once. You will need to come to see the rest of the Rome tourist attractions later. So, in this article I would like to cover the basic touristic sights for those of you who come for the first time and wish to concentrate on the top must-see places of the City of Seven Hills. Here are the top Rome tourist attractions for the new-comers!

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