Rome Transport Overview for Travellers

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Rome on your own and get to all interesting places you need to plan your journey in advance and deal with local transport. Our article will reveal the details of the Rome transport system, provide tips about types and cost of tickets, and help you save some money and time when traveling around the city.

There are five main types of public transport in Rome - the metro, tram, buses, trolleybuses (here they are literally called electric buses), and taxi, which can also be attributed to a variety of public transport.

Buses in Rome - Extensive Network of Routes

In Rome there are two types of buses: bus and electro bus (that is, an electric bus). The route grid is extensive - about 300 traffic variations. Schedules are available at all stops, but keep in mind that on weekdays and weekends it is different. 

Basically, buses run until 22:00, minus the most popular routes: these run until midnight.

There are also separate night buses that run once every half an hour/ one hour. They are called autobus notturni and depart from Venice Square and from the main railway station Termini. Night buses are easy to recognize - there is an owl is drawn on the bus, and the letter N is on its route number. These buses run from 00:30 till 05:30. 

By the way, bus tickets in Rome you can buy from the driver. Enter correctly through the front or rear door, exit through the middle. 

Excursion double-decker buses run around the city, but ordinary tickets for public transport in Rome do not apply to them: to get there, you will have to pay 30 euros per person. But in addition you will get an audio guide that tells about the most interesting points on the route.

Tram - Flavor of the Eternal City

The tram line consists of six branches and tourists like the fact that it passes some of the central sights of Rome (Venice Square, Villa Borghese landscape park) and goes to the main station.

But in general, this is not the best option: stations are not accepted to be announced, they are not registered on the electronic monitor, so a newcomer can easily drop in the wrong place. But in order to feel the Roman flavor, you can ride them a couple of times.

Metro - Speed and Punctuality

The Roman Metro (follow the link to read a detailed article on the Rome metro), or Metropolitana di Roma, is simple and includes only three branches:

  • A - orange
  • B - blue
  • C - green

The first two lines intersect, the transfer station is called Termini.

You can ride from 5:30 to 23:30, and on Fridays and Saturdays until 01:30. Trains come with an interval of 3-10 minutes. The time remaining until the next train arrives is displayed on the scoreboard. Using this transport is convenient, cheap and practical, but somewhat difficult to navigate through during rush hours, especially if you have a suitcase with you. In the morning and evening there is no crowding. You also need to carefully monitor things in case of pocket thieves sneaking around.

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