Rome Travel Tips - Get The Bigger Picture Of Rome

Wherever we go the most important thing we take with us is our common sense. However, it is always better to read about the country you are traveling to in advance and get some idea about the safety level, weather and other peculiarities of this specific place. There are differences that we wish we knew before we came to a certain place.

Pickpocketing in Rome

Probably, you have already heard a lot about pickpocketing in Italy. Probably, you have already been to Italy before and seen the warnings all around you. And that’s very good, because you’d be better prepared than not. However, you shouldn’t be worried too much about safety in Rome, you just need to be vigilant like in any other populated place with lots of tourists like Paris, Vienna and so on and so forth. Also, you don’t need to worry about wearing your jewelry – that’s a safe civilized country!

Drinking Water

For many of us water is important! But even if you aren’t a believer into magic of water for health, spending time in Rome during the May-October period will make you naturally dehydrated, because it gets really hot and the walking distances are vast. However, the good news is that you don’t need to buy water in Rome all the time. The city is full of fountains and water coolers of all forms and sizes.They are all fed up by the aqueducts providing excellent quality water. In case there are any doubts about it, you can easily check this matter on the municipal fountain website, which shows all the fountains of the city that belong to the regulated drinking water system. 

We have two types of water coolers in Rome: nasoni - with noses sticking out, and fontanelle – the ones against the walls. So, all you need is to have a refillable container/bottle to be with you!  Stay safe and well-hydrated!

Perfect Place to Develop Good Habits

Together with drinking enough water we also strongly recommend you to wake up early and turn into a Roman at least during the time of your stay. You will see the city from a different angle: the emptiness of the squares, the locals hurrying to walk, the authentic sounds of Roman streets. You will enjoy your coffee with a pastry as a real Italian and with real Italians (remember? Italian breakfast doesn't last longer that 10 am). All of this amazing city will be at your feet free of tourists. In summers you will have an additional bonus - some cool air before a hot day! And what amazing pictures you can make in the early morning! Waking up early in Rome is definitely worth a try!

Look For True Italian Restaurants

We won’t be tired to remind you not to eat in the immediate vicinity to the touristic places such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona etc. Such places won’t give you quality food made by true Italian chefs. No guarantees indeed and why have less when you can have more. The same can  be said when talking about choosing ice-cream. Please, check out some tips on how to identify a real Italian eatery in Rome.

Avoid Direct Contact With "Kind" Flower-Givers

Do you remember the thing you were told as a child? Don't talk to strangers! In many big cities including Rome scammers are all around and they yearn to sell you something. In Rome they can come up to you directly and give you a rose or tie a bracelet on your wrist. Don't doubt their ultimate goal is to rip you off, so it's better to stay away as much as possible. They will charge you for whatever has appeared in your hands and believe me they know how to persuade a devil. Remember, they always say it’s a gift, and, obviously, it never is. 

Come to Rome With Your Tickets Bought In Advance

The city of Seven Hills is getting more and more popular each year and crazy crowds of people come here all the time. Don’t ruin your holidays standing in huge lines in the scorching sun. You can do much better than that getting prepared beforehand. Allow yourself being laid-back, do your preparations in advance!

Your Outfit For Churches And Cathedrals

Think about appropriate clothing for churches and cathedrals. We know you will visit a lot of them and therefore you’ll need clothes covering elbows and knees. Especially during the summertime when we tend to wear as less as possible, don’t forget that shorts and open shoulders can be the reason you can’t get into the Vatican city, for example. A headscarf can safe your day, so think of putting one or two in your bag or take a change with you.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Rome is very old and keeps looking like that also thanks to its cobbled roads, so take with you only the proven shoes that are 100% comfortable for you. Remember that the city is big and scattered, so you will walk a lot anyway. Take care of your legs and make sure to tackle this issue before arriving.


If you come from a country where you normally use only credit cards to buy just anything, here in Rome you would need to have more cash on you. You would need cash to buy tickets, pay for goods costing less that 3 euro and leaving tips. It is also a good idea to buy euro in advance if the country where you travel from is not Europe. Airports have rip-off rates and it would be nice not to worry about exchange matters upon your arrival. 

Buy Transport Tickets 

In addition to buying tickets in the metro machines and on the buses, you can look for a big T-letter sign which stands for Tabaccherias (a tobacco shop). You can also purchase tickets from a news-stands. Your usual ticket will cost 1.5 euro and valid for 100 minutes. Remember, you can choose to buy a one-day/three-days and 7-days pass and use them for different types of transport. Don't forget to validate your tickets and keep them ticket with you till the end of the journey!

Accommodation – Choose Wisely

Italian star system for hotels doesn’t work as great as we would like, so don’t count on it solely. Research the matter in advance, reading reviews and comments. Also, find out more about the area you are going to live in. As we already said, Rome is not a small place. It is also very diverse and can look really different!

Trastevere, Campi di Fiori and Testaccio are the areas traditionally recommended because of their immediate proximity to the most touristic places with great nightlife options. If that not relevant you can check on the specific information about each district we have provided for you.

To learn more about nightlife proceed here. Find out more about bars and restaurants - here. 

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