Sightseeing in Rome - What To See In Your Second Visit

Sightseeing in Rome is legendary and spectacular both for the first-timers and those who visit the city again.The gigantic time machine, called Rome, has too many things to show. It can effortlessly take you through centuries, entertain you on the way and provide every tourist with exactly what they expect from it - circuses and bread. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the catacombs, the Vatican City State, numerous museums, legendary piazzas and ancient ruins, the famous pilgrimage routes, operas and VIP events, shopping and so much more. 

After your first time in Rome most of us eventually crave to come back and see the rest of the Roman secrets. As I always say, there is no need to worry and hurry in your first visit and try to cover all of the programs. The truth is: it is simply impossible to see all the treasures of Rome in one shot. But okay, here you are for your second time in the City of Seven Hills. What exactly can you hunt for at this time?

First Christian Churches

If you are a Christian and you haven’t visited any churches in Rome yet, then you would obviously want to start with the four Major Basilicas of Rome. However, in case you visited them in your first stay you may be interested in antique and usually tiny churches with impressive history. Such churches as St. Clemente, Santa Prassede and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva are tenderly loved by Italians and are often chosen for Catholic weddings. These churches have generated many layers of history underneath and inside them. Most of these churches were built with the birth of Christianity and then rebuilt many times on the base of the older churches. They possess a miraculous and warm atmosphere that is hard to describe. More churches of this kind: Mausoleo di Santa Costanza, Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere, Santa Pudenziana al Viminale. 

Appian Way

Not many people have enough time to experience this amazing landmark during their first sightseeing in Rome - Via Appia Antica! This is the first ancient Roman road that dates back to 312 BC. This road has become a bridge between the far gone history and today. You will be amazed at the fact that it is still in use after 23 centuries. Unique Roman landmarks such as Christian and Jewish catacombs, the tomb of Cecillia Metella and the Circus of Maxentius are situated here with many other landmarks along its way. The first 7 km of the Appian Way have the biggest concentration of sightseeing. It generally needs one day of your time, depending on when you start off.  

Jewish Ghetto

This quarter wasn’t in the guidebooks until recent years. It has a long and mostly sad history, but in the last 50 years due to the gentrification this area became very attractive both for tourists and the citizens of the city. Many people would love to live in this cozy area with charming streets full of many craft shops and restaurants. Jewish Ghetto has become a gastronomical center with a lively and intriguing atmosphere. It possesses everything that tourists look for: amazing views, long history that starts in the times of the Ancient Roman Empire and, of course, great cuisine to taste. All in all, most tourists find it fantastic to visit this special neighborhood.

Coppede Quarter

This fairy-tale place in the Trieste district is another example of how many faces the Eternal City can have and how unpredictable it can appear. Even not all the citizens are aware of this amazingly beautiful quarter, which was constructed between 1915-1926 by a Florentine architect Gino Coppede. It is a great place to visit and, also, you might consider it as a nice and calm neighborhood to stay when visiting Rome. Interestingly, it is not expensive either and located within 15 minutes from the Gallery Borghese. What would come as another pleasant surprise is that you won’t find crowds of tourists here as well and the public transport is in the direct vicinity. Can there be anything better? 

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