Let's Take A Train From Rome To Florence

Rome and Florence are both must-see cities for vacationers in Italy. Moreover, they are so close that after having breakfast in Rome, you can go to Florence and spend there the whole day. There are several ways to get there, and the fastest and most comfortable way is to take a high-speed train from Rome to Florence. You can save some money if you choose a long-distance, night or regional train, or take a bus, but in this case you spend at least twice as much time on the road. Let's take a closer look on all the options here. 

High-Speed Train from Rome To Florence

It is quite convenient to go for a day to Florence by train just to take a walk, visit, for example, the Uffizi Gallery, have dinner in a cozy restaurant and return to Rome in the evening. High-speed trains Frecciabianca, Frecciarossa, and Frecciargento leave from Rome approximately every 15-20 minutes and arrive to Santa Maria Novella station in Florence in 1 hour 36 minutes. Those trains run at a speed of 250-300 km/h without stops.  The first train leaves at 5.10 in the morning, the latest train at 21.50 in the evening.

Important: In Rome, high-speed trains leave from both Termini station and Roma Tiburtina (also a metro station), consider this moment when buying a ticket.

Ticket price: from 19 euros.

There are two railway carriers in Italy:

Trenitalia.com - state railway company.

Italotreno.it - private company.

For high-speed trains, you can use and monitor prices on both of them. The main secret to save money is to plan your trip and buy tickets as early as possible. For example, 1-2 months in advance you can easily book tickets for 19 euros. When buying at the station or booking online just a couple of days before the trip, there will only be offers around 50 euros. 

Regional Train From Rome To Florence

Traveling by a regional train is a bit tougher option for travelers who haven't booked other tickets in advance but want to save some money and have plenty of time. Travel time from Rome to Florence is about 4 hours and tickets have a fixed price 21.45 euros. So there is no need to book such a ticket in advance. They do not depart as often as high-speed trains - approximately every two hours. The first one goes at 6.02 in the morning, the last - at 20.02 in the evening.

Important: If you decide to take the regional (regionale) train from Rome to Florence - you need to validate your ticket in the yellow or green validators that you can find at the beginning of each train. Please also keep in mind that during strikes of transport workers, which happen regularly in Italy, it is regional trains that strike.

Ticket price: 21.45 euros.

Check the schedule and buy tickets on regional trains only on the official Trenitalia.com website - all other sites are intermediaries and will take a commission.

Intercitynotte Train

If you need to get to Florence late at night or get to another station - Campo Di Marte, then the Intercitynotte train with sleeping cars is suitable. Only two Intercitynotte trains departure per day - tentatively at 6.09 a.m. and at 10.35 p.m. Be careful, the morning train leaves from Roma Tiburtina station. The trip takes about 3 hours 40 minutes.

The ticket price at an economical tariff is about 22 Euros, for a basic one - from 34 Euros.

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