Train From Rome To Venice

One of the fastest way to get from Rome to Venice is by Frecciarossa or Frecciargento high-speed trains. If you buy tickets in advance, this option will be not only fast, but also the most cost-effective. And, of course, going by train from Rome to Venice is a very romantic journey: the landscapes quickly flying outside the window set in a positive way. Even if you came to Rome for 5 days, it makes sense to visit something else. Venice is not a close target, but the desire to visit the "city on the water" during any trip to Italy is very understandable.

Schedule... Who Needs It?

As such, the schedule is not required! If you have Internet access and enough willpower to say no to the army of intermediaries that Google will kindly dump you on request "ticket for train from Rome to Venice", remember - all you need is a website and nothing more!

In the “From” feild, type in Roma, then choose Tutte Le Stazioni (all stations), in “To” - Venezia S. Lucia or Tutte Le Stazioni. As to the dates and the number of travelers, you can easily figure it out on your own.

Click "Search" - we get the result. Indicated: when the train leaves and arrives, destination and arrival stations, travel time, ticket prices

Distance, Tickets And Travel Time

When going by train from Rome to Venice, the total distance to cover is about 525 km. The most expensive trains departing from Rome are called Frecciargento and Frecciarossa - ticket cost here will be 65.00 - 85.00 €, but the travel time will be much less as compared to intercity and regional trains.These high-speed trains are the fastest in Italy. It will take less than 4 hours to go all the way. The very first train leaves from Termini Station in Rome at 6:50.

You can also get from Rome to Venice by the Intercty train, that journey takes about 6 hours. The cost of the ticket is 54.00 €, but the final station is Venezia-Mestre, located in the mainland, so you need to take a taxi or bus to get to the old center of Venice.

The cheapest way to get from Rome to Venice is by taking the regional train (Regionale), but  this one is the most tiring and slow. Tiring because you have to make transfers Rome - Florence - Bologna - Venice-Mestre, and slow because it takes about 8 hours to travel. The cost of the ticket is 38.20 €.

A good option is to get from Rome to Venice by Intercitynotte night train. You do not have to spend money on a hotel. Inexpensive tickets are offered in 2-seater class cars at 12.9 euros. For a place in the compartment you need to pay 60 euros, and the whole compartment will cost 100 euros.

All tickets purchased at the station must be validated. If the ticket was purchased online, then you do not need to validate it but you must print it and, if necessary, present it to the controller.

How To Save Money?

Follow the promotions on the Italotreno website in the Promo section. Sometimes 1st class tickets, or Prima, cost only 18.9 euros. On the Trenitalia website, when booking tickets several months in advance, you can catch the favorable Super Economy tariff for 19.9 euros.

Train Stations in Venice

Santa Lucia (stazione Santa-Lucia) - is located in the historical center of the city, from here using water public transport (vaporetto) you can get to any part of the city, and the main attractions. At the station there is a luggage room where you can check in your luggage. Ticket sales offices are open during the day from 5:00 to 21:00, but if the ticket offices are closed for some reason, you can use the machines located at the station. How to buy a train ticket in Italy using a vending machine.

Venice-Mestre (stazione Venezia-Mestre) - is located in the mainland, which is separated from the historical center by a railway bridge.

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