The Vatican Museums in Rome

Vast complex of the Vatican Museums in Rome stands at  the pinnacle of world art. Priceless collection of art objects, closely related to the Christian history and amassed from the seventeenth century onward, can literally spin your head round.  The Vatican Museums include admissions to Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms and Chapel of Beato Angelico, so it’s not just an ordinary museum to pop in and forget about. And obviously, one day is not enough to explore all its wonders, but it may be quite enough to fall in love with the place.

Vatican Museums At a Glance

For many people the heart of this legendary place is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Before reaching it you will go up the famous ladder and then pass by surrounded from all directions by the greatest  masterpieces of art. You will see phenomenal works such as Raphael’s “The School of Athens”, Caravaggio’s “The Entombment of Christ”, Leonardo da Vinci’s “St Jerome in the Wilderness”, Bernini’s “Ecstasy of Saint Theresa” and thousands more priceless artworks. 

Like in the Louvre, there are also rooms with Greek, Etruscan, Egyptian, Roman art and many more. Don’t forget to go up the ladder of St. Peter’s Basilica and picture the breathtaking view on the nearby domes, St. Peter’s Square, and vast territories of Rome around the Vatican. 

Take a moment to find out more useful facts about Vatican City.

How to Get to the Vatican and Its Museums

To get to the Vatican, Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel on your own, take the metro and go to either Cipro (Red Line A) or Ottaviano station. 

In fact, Cipro is the closest station, but the route from it to the Vatican is a bit curvy. Ottaviano route takes almost as much time (slightly more), but you would need to go straight along a big road and then turn right, which makes it harder to get lost in case if you are prone to it.

You can also reach the Vatican by bus: № 32, 81, 982, 492, 990.

In order to reach the Sistine Chapel, one needs to enter the Vatican Museums and go a pretty long way through gorgeous art enfilades.

Working Hours And Tickets 

The Vatican Museums are open from 9 am till 4 pm with a mandatory exit at 6 pm. The lines to the Vatican Museums are phenomenal and in summer due to the heatwaves and enormous amounts of people it can be a very difficult quest to overcome. You might want to order tickets or a guided tour online to skip the lines.

Entrance To The Vatican Museums of Rome

The is only one entrance, and it is located in Viale Vaticano. It’s also a usual spot for meeting with your tour guides. 

Where Does the Pope Live?

Castel Gandolfo Papal Palace is his usual summer residence from July to September. In winter, he resides at the Apostolic Palace, which is his official residence located in Vatican City.

How To See The Pope

There are two possible ways to do it during the summer season. The first one is to go 25 miles from Rome to Pope’s residence at Castel Gandolfo. You can see him at noon on Sundays from afar. The second option is  the more formal appearance on Wednesdays, when the Pope blesses crowds from a balcony.

In winter, he gives a speech in the Aula Paola VI Auditorium next to the St. Peter’s Square in Vatican. You can see him from a distance or get a free ticket a day before.

Do visitors need passports when entering the Vatican?

No, because actually there is no customs area or passport checks that mark the line between Rome and the Vatican. For a person who is not intending to reach any particular place in Rome the Vatican would seem just another Roman district.

But when you want to enter the Vatican museums you will need to enter the door In Vaile Vaticano. This place is usually marked with a very long queue, so you can’t miss it.

The Best Time to Visit the Vatican Museums of Rome

Any time is just good in its own way! But quite predictably, you will meet more people there in summer rather than winter.

Also, remember that the Vatican Museums don’t work on Sundays, which makes Mondays and Saturdays busier than other days of the week.

Summers are very hot in Rome, so make sure you do everything to avoid problems before you arrive.

A Day Or a Night at the Vatican Museums?

There are both day and night tours to give you different kinds of excitement. Day tours are amazing. Night tours are amazing in a mystical way, a truly outstanding experience. Good news for those who intend to take a night tour is that there are almost no people in the Vatican Museums at night, which is impossible at daytime.

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